Why Dry Aged?

The “King of Meat” often call steaks that has been Dry-Aged. It is widely the first choice when it comes to Steak for meat-enthusiast and foodies. Dry Aged steaks has incredible tenderness and unique intense flavor unlike other meats.

Dry-Aged is described in “Maturation”

Dry-Aged is described in “Maturation” that create a deep and intense flavor often described as “Nutty, Smoky or Spicy” The process of Dry Aging is to hang the meat in a low temperature environment of 0-4 °C with humidity of around 80-85% within the timeframe. Usually around 30-45 days. During this process there is natural chemical reaction involves in meat and fat will reduce and many enzymes such as lactis acids, fatty acids occurred. Which does not only breakdown the tough muscle to make meat more tender but also creating many flavors in the process. In the Dry Aging process, Substances such as natural monosodium glutamate also happen, adding the rich flavor to the meat. Also, the meat during dry aging process will start to dry from exterior to the interior, this process also remove the excess water in the meat. The result is also another process to enhance the meat flavor further.

Dry Aging is the traditional wisdom in storage the meat since ancient time and been Passover until these days. One thing we cannot deny is the complication in the process which require high expertise and attention. The vital point of dry aging is the control over the climate, temperature, humidity, air circulation and cleanliness at precise constant rate during the process. When the factor is not correct, there could occur bad bacteria mold which could be harmful when consume. In addition dry aging with traditional method has very high cost because the meat will lose significate weight. The meat from traditional dry aging method could lose the weight as much as 70% therefore making the dry aged meat with high price tags.

In present days, we have technology that makes dry aging an easy and uncostly task. “The SteakAger” will give you the benefit of having a great dry aged steak with easy and low maintenance way. Also with the lower cost and higher yield. The weight loss is much lesser than the traditional method.

We can have value-added to the meat easily. Having “The SteakAger” is the first step of having your regular steaks upgraded just like what the best steakhouse has to offer