Dry Aging Machine

Standard Set

Standard Set comes with Shelfs and Hanging Racks

Essential Set

Essential set comes with Dual mode which allows the highest quality of Dry Aging and able to do longer dry aged period (more than 90 days) also for charcuterie aging

Steak Master Set

Full option set that comes with Dual mode and trussing shelf for those who look for the best quality and capacity


Dual Mode Active Humidification System

Dual Mode adds water and humidity to the SteakAger for the precise humidity control

Accessory for those who plan to do long dry aged past 90 days of make Chracuteries, Ham, Salami

Full Subprimal Truss

Recommended for large piece Dry Aging, Designed for optimal airflow for highest quality and vertical loading for maximum capacity, view our instruction video inside to see how to optimize your SteakAger

Solo Full Subprimal truss rack

Additional Truss Rack for Full Subprimal truss Set, add more capacity for your SteakAger to the next level

Truss Shelf

Ideal for Small or Medium racks of Beef, Designed for optimal airflow for highest quality. The shelf can replace hanging for easy loading and unloading. Maximum of Truss

Pedestral with Wheels

Podium Base that elevates the SteakAger for the perfect eye-level. Show off your SteakAger to your guest! Comes with wheels able you to move the unit with ease


AUC-550 Tru-Watts™ Refrigerator Voltage Transformer