How big is the SteakAger?

The PRO 40 is 52 x 83 x 44 cm. The unit will fit in any counter-depth setup, and has a reversible door option to give you options when deciding where you want to show it off. Wherever you place it, however, be careful to ensure it has 6” of clearance on each side for proper cooling. This unit is not designed to be built into an enclosed area.

How is it powered?

SteakAger Thailand provides Electric Transformer with each SteakAger order. The PRO 40 operates off a 120v AC power supply for the refrigeration and a 12vdc power source for Steakager Tech.

How long does the dry-aging process take?

For larger cuts of beef, the process can take anywhere from 35 to 70+ days depending on preference. Smaller cuts take 10-20 days. Check out our Why Dry Aged page to read more about the times of dry-aging based on your choice of cut.

Can the SteakAger be used to cure charcuterie?

Yes! With the Dual-Mode Humidification add-on, the PRO 40 is able to cure charcuterie but not at the same time as dry-aging.

How do I monitor what is going on inside my SteakAger?

Download our App for free at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and connect to your SteakAger to monitor the progress.

How loud is the PRO 40 unit?

The unit is 47 dB – for comparison sake, the average person speaks at approx. 40 – 70 dB.

Can I open the door during the dry aging process?

Absolutely! The unit will self-regulate and correct any temperature change that occurs when it’s opened; however, we recommend you try to limit how often you open the door and to ensure it’s closed properly.

How should I prepare my beef once it’s dry-aged?

There are many, equally delicious, ways to prepare your dry-aged beef. You can reference SteakAger U videos below to see Chef Eric prepare his dry-aged results in various ways. But remember – dry-aged steak takes a little less time to cook than wet-aged, so we recommend using a meat thermometer to check for doneness.

Can I freeze my beef once it’s done aging?

Yes, We recommend Vacuum-Sealed then freeze your dry aged meat. Once you’re ready to cook it, we recommend pulling it out of the freezer 2-3 days prior and letting it slowly thaw in your fridge.